Joining Freemasonry

How to join Astede Freemasons Lodge, Surbiton, Surrey.

Becoming a Freemason is easier than you might think.

In days gone by it was normal practice for a Mason to ask friends, family, work colleagues or anyone he thought would enjoy the benefits of Freemasonry to become a member of the lodge.

These days, with the advent of the Internet and social media, we are able to reach out to those who have an interest or research Freemasonry on the web.

However in these modern times traditional principles are still applied. It is just as important for Astede Lodge to know that Freemasonry is right for you.

The steps to becoming a Freemason in Surbiton, Surrey.

We welcome enquiries about joining our lodge from men from all walks of life, regardless of their status, race or religion. You should be of good character and have some free time to commit to attending meetings and learning.

masonic gloves apron

If you feel that Freemasonry is for you get in touch here. One of our lodge members will contact you to arrange a convenient time to meet in relaxed, informal surroundings for a chat and to answers any questions you may have.

You may be invited along to Surbiton where you will meet other members of the lodge.

Once we are satisfied that you are the right person for our lodge we will invite you to interview. Again, to find out more about you and determine your reasons for wanting to join our lodge.

If the interview is successful a date will be fixed for you to attend one of our regular meeting dates for you to become a Freemason.

This is a very special day for the lodge, and for you. We will keep you informed every step of the way.

Certain fees will apply for you to join which are explained here.