Costs To Join the Freemasons

Costs for joining Astede Masonic Lodge in Surrey.

We are often asked about how much it costs to join the Freemasons and if there are any ongoing payments.

As you would expect from any membership based organization there are costs associated with joining.

Fees for joining Astede Lodge in Surbiton.

When you join our lodge you will be expected to pay certain fees for your initiation into Freemasonry.

A ‘one off’ joining fee will be made to the lodge and a ‘one off’ fee to the United Grand Lodge of England. Once you have completed your Third Degree – known as the Master Masons Degree, you will receive a certificate from United Grand Lodge.

Astede Lodge in Surbiton, Surrey has an annual membership of £125.00 (current as of 25th March 2014).

In addition to the costs above lodge members dine together after each meeting. Dining fees are generally £22.00 which includes a 3 course meal and wine.

Prior to your initiation into Freemasonry you will need a dark (preferably black) suit, black tie and a pair of white cotton gloves. These are available from auction sites, gentleman’s retailers or Masonic centres.

You will not need to purchase any Masonic regalia for the first two degrees but will need a Master Masons apron for the third degree. As you progress generally after a number of years, new regalia may need to be purchased.

Note: It is not uncommon for Brethren to pass on their regalia to lodge members which is worn with some pride!

Charity. The very heart of Freemasonry.

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” ― Charles Dickens

During the course of each meeting the charity column is passed around the lodge for Brethren to make a private donation to charity.

Each gives within their means and the donations raised are given to local good causes or sent to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Surrey for them to make a larger donation with donations put together from other lodges around the Province (know as the Surrey for Surrey fund).

Astede Lodge has it’s own special charities that we donate to.

Other than the above some monies for refreshments are all that are needed.